The opportunity to have children is one of the greatest gifts bestowed to us, but these days it can also be one of the most stressful.  It is their birthright to be born ‘pristine’, unfortunately this is often not always the case, although we’re told, ‘they’re fine’ and ‘that’s normal’, we instinctively know our children are less healthy or functional than they should be.

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Are you… 

  • Struggling to get enough support at home to ensure that your children thrive and you thrive as their busy and caring mother?
  • Going from doctor to doctor and still not getting any answers or solutions you know are there?
  • Feeling intuitively that something is out of balance with your child?
  • Dealing with a child or children with sleep issues or tantrums?
  • At a loss as to what to feed your kids to keep their appetites fully satisfied with healthy options that taste good too?
  • Sick of thinking of new ways to feed your kids healthy foods and getting them to try it, let alone eat it?
  • Concerned about the incidence of chronic illnesses and adult diseases, e.g. diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, allergies and other autoimmune diseases that are steadily rising in our children?
  • Tired or confused?  You just want someone who’s done all the research and homework already?  Someone you can trust, with first hand experience, that’s qualified and has the expertise you need?

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I’m Kate Barnes, a busy, caring mother like you. I went through a pretty arduous time with my eldest child, Chloe. Even though Chloe wasn’t chronically unwell, there were clues that she wasn’t the thriving, healthy and happy child that I knew was her birthright.

There were several telling signs that her body wasn’t functioning optimally. To be frank, her social skills weren’t normal. Chloe was very shy. She wouldn’t look people in the eye. She had this little ‘pot belly’, she was very un-coordinated and her immune system wasn’t as strong as I knew it should be. These were all signs that initially we coined as “Oh that is just Chloe,” and wrote off as ‘normal’.

Yet, these signs were actually clear indicators of her imbalance.

At five years of age, Chloe’s left foot stopped developing, normally.

It was a frightening experience for us all. I was alarmed and very concerned and I wanted answers. Why would her foot stop developing? What was causing it? There must be a reason.

I pushed on, blindly. At that time my only support was my instinct and trust in the bodies innate ability to heal, my belief, a beautiful, supportive fellow health coach and my incredibly supportive husband. They were my guides. The general medical system had no cure for us. Offered no solutions or hope.

At the same time, I was horrified and appalled to hear what I was being recommended and encouraged to feed my children and expose their bodies to!

After seeing many different specialists and experts of the field, it wasn’t until I took my daughter’s wellness into my own hands that I got the answers I knew were there.

With a Bachelor of Science, a deep respect for the intelligence of the human body and an innate passion for personal growth and development, I founded Kate Barnes Health Coaching and

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I believe it is possible to turn back the rise of chronic illness and give back to our kids the happy and healthy future they are entitled to.

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Perhaps it’s a problem you’re facing right now. Are you? If so, you’re most likely feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and confused about what to do to really help your child or children thrive in life.

Or perhaps you’re doing well, but you want to ensure that you are providing the best emotional and nutritional well-being for yourself so that your children can continue to thrive.

If you’re like me, instinctively you sense there is more that can be done to support the well-being of your family, you may not know where to start? Really knowing what works can be incredibly confusing. We’re all bombarded by information from everywhere and most of it doesn’t work.

It’s costing us our health, our happiness and our sanity.



it’s a dynamic, practical program developed to provide groundbreaking health education and nourishing foods for you and your children. It is the most delicious and life changing nutrition program available for healthy, happy kids and families!

Your children (your whole family) deserve health!

Our Happy Children is not just about taking care of our kids, but about taking care of you too – the mothers… the life blood of the family.

Without your well-being, everything falls apart and we can’t have that! Your kids learn from you and they sense your emotions.

It’s imperative that you feel fabulous for their optimum well-being. As your health blossoms, so will the health of your children and your partners. It’s time to have more fun as a Mum! It’s time to step into your power and reclaim your vibrant health!

I can’t wait to share my success strategies with you.

The healing journey that Chloe has been on and continues has been a remarkable experience. I’ve now taken all my knowledge, research and integrative nutritional knowledge, and developed a simplified process for you, launching it here with ‘Our Happy Children’.

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  • ‘Our Happy Children’ kicks off on  Thursday, 31st of July 2014 & finishes on Thursday, 11th of September, (with a week off in the middle on Thursday 21st of August to consolidate learnings
  • There are 6 sessions, lasting 1 (or 1.5) hours
  • Each class will be held as a LIVE teleseminar every consecutive Thursday at 11:30am Western Australian time.
  • Each class will be RECORDED – so if you’re unable to make that time you can listen to the class in your own time.
  • BONUS INTERVIEWS:  In addition to the classes there’s loads of BONUS materials and interviews with subject matter experts to help reinforce your learnings again and to listen or watch in your own time
  • AVAILABLE FROM ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME:  If you’re unable to make this date or time, or are overseas and would love to do the course – you can. The way the program is set-up allows anyone from anywhere to be able to do the course.

Over the course of 7 weeks, you will learn the 5 simple, and yet life changing secrets to help you create healthy and happy kid whilst revolutionizing your own health.

  • 20 new recipes to enjoy & experiment with… yumminess all around.
  • Practical handouts to reinforce all you learn within each module.
  • Private VIP access to your own Facebook Group. You will be supported by a community of like – minded people to share questions, ideas, and successes and keep your motivation and inspiration going even after your course finishes.



  • Rebalance to the body’s ideal weight
  • Stronger immune system
  • Happier disposition
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Less hunger and cravings
  • Improved eating habits
  • Improved overall well-being
  • Reduced anxiety and lower stress levels
  • Happier kids
  • Confident kids
  • Temper tantrums that are radically reduced if not eradicated
  • Kids that sleep better and so will you! Hooray!
  • Kids who lose weight if needed or just radically improve their health… and you will too.
  • A deeper connection to your children as life gets easier and more playful

Join me for this intensive program to help form the bedrock necessary for optimum health in your children now. Avoid being one of those statistics and instead be part of the wellness movement starting to ripple across the globe.

It will change your life and your children’s lives forever.


OHC_headings_weekly outlines

  • The secret to ensuring your sanity, happiness and well-being as a mother, a wife or a business woman. This strategy will ensure your well-being, which is essential to your happiness and therefore your children’s happiness. We are here to take care of you too.
  • 3- time saving steps to set yourself up for success and lower stress significantly.
  • The 8 - top nutritional mistakes people make.
  • 5 foods you must eat for creating the bedrock of a healthy life.
  • The number one food you must feed your children to thrive.
  • The number one food we eat too much of daily, which sets our kids up for chronic illness.
  • 8 great recipes that will kick-start your energy packed day and are versatile enough to enjoy anytime of day!
  • 5 quick and easy strategies to help ‘upgrade’ your every-day choices.
  • 5 critical foods for creating a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • Learn what the building blocks of life are in all of its various forms.
  • The secret to managing sugar cravings.
  • Simple strategies for incorporating nutrient rich foods that taste great for everyday living.
  • Over 40 different ideas and recipes for healthy, scrumptious snacks.
  • 9 fantastic recipes that will boost your immune system, and are versatile enough to enjoy anytime of day and the kids will love them!
  • Simple strategies for strengthening your immune system naturally at home.
  • The 4 step formula for happy family living.
  • Systems and solutions for an early morning routine that works and sets you and your family up for a great day.
  • Simple strategies for putting some magic into mealtimes.
  • The one strategy that will put more unity and strength into your family unit.
  • 5 key strategies for making your time in the kitchen as quick and time effective as possible - giving you more time to put more life into your living!
  • 12 simple rules for life that will teach kids techniques to make better choices.
  • Learn simple strategies that nourish a healthy mind – at whatever age you are.
  • The single most important thing you can do for a healthier life that you must pass onto your children.
  •  15 easy things to do and look for around your home to help ensure your family is living in a toxic free environment.
  • The single most important thing to look out for so that all of your great new choices will work!
  • The secret to making all your new found knowledge happen!

I’ve learned that you don’t have to do it all, and in my Our Happy Children program, I am going to share the powerful strategies to ensure the health of not only your children, but your happiness and health too. I am here to show you the essential principle that will allow you to take care of yourself and your children simply but powerfully.

OHC_headings_guest experts

OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_nicoleThe Power of Love:  Nicole Rowan Holt, Mother & Business Mentor

Nicole Rowan Holt is a Mentor and Business Coach empowering women to lead their best lives.  She is also an experienced Mother of two.  Nic is also the visionary founder of Sistership, a membership forum for inspiring and mentoring women.


OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_helenSimplifying Life:  Helen Butler, Clutter Rescue

Helen Butler is the Owner and Founder of ‘Clutter Rescue – moving mums from busy to balanced’||   Helen’s approach doesn’t just look at clutter, but WHY there’s clutter?  Her incredible skill is showing us how to free up SPACE, not only in our homes, but importantly in our heads as well’.


OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_mikeWhat’s Dirt got to do with it?:  Mike Shipley, Shipley’s Farm

Mike and Barb Shipley together own Shipley’s Farm.  Shipley’s farm is highly regarded for it’s BEYOND ORGANIC products including, pastured eggs, chickens, beef & pork.   Mike has turned to traditional wisdom and latest research to create their sustainable and beyond organic farm.  Their motivation and belief, ‘Healthy Soil.  Healthy Animals.  Healthy People’.


OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_KristyNavigating the Digital World:  Dr Kristy Goodwin, Every Chance to Learn

Dr Kristy Goodwin, from Every Chance to Learn, is a children’s technology and brain researcher and mum. She helps parents & teachers navigate young children’s digital world by translating the latest brain & technology research into easy-to-digest information and practical tips.


OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_mariaParenting – a new paradigm:  Maria Golding, Intuitive Motherhood

Maria has ‘oodles of experience’. Over 25 amazing years of professionally supporting mothers, babies, children and teens. She’ll give you the simple tools to come back ‘home’ to your own inner wisdom so you can relax, enjoy and SHINE as the best version of yourself  as a woman and mother. Using the latest in neuroscience she lovingly guides you to break through patterns that are holding you back, to parent consciously and playfully, and helps you to wire your child’s brain for authentic happiness, resilience and emotional intelligence.

OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_sarahBrain Power:  Dr Sarah McKay, Medical Writer, Neuroscientist

Dr McKay is an Oxford University-educated neuroscientist, science writer, and the creator of the neuroscience blog Your Brain Health.  Sarah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding our brains better and the important strategies necessary for nourishing them and to live a full life.


OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_samThe silent toxin in our homes:  Sam Aoun, EMF Safe

Sam Aoun, is an electrical and computer engineer who started his business, EMF Safe when he began having concerns for his own health.      His experience is extensive and has shown, that most households and workplaces have ‘hotspots’ of high electrical and wireless EMF radiation without realising.  Sam is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) safety, what to be aware of practical recommendations for lowering any risk.

OHC_guests pics{160x160px}_marisaEssential Oils:  Marisa Broderick, doTERRA.

Marisa Broderick was born with a love of essential oils, her extensive knowledge on their wonderful versatility is unique.  Marisa will share how to use them as your own medicine bag, as beautiful, aromatic natural cleaning agents as well as the natural therapeutic aroma they offer.  Essential oils are a powerful, affordable, non-toxic and safe addition to your healing homes.





Email to be notified when registrations open!



How is the program structured?

Each week I host a live webinar (class) that you will listen into from your home computer or phone.  Details of the call will be emailed to you, allowing you to login to the call at the scheduled time.  You will be able to ask and discuss questions on the webinar.

Your membership site contains all of the resources that correspond directly to the Module of work for each week.   Each person has access to a private Facebook group that’s dedicated to the course and is an invaluable source of support, community and additional resources.

I’d love to do the course but don’t have time.

As a busy Mum I know how hard it is to find time to do what we love and want to do. OHC is designed for busy, time poor mums.  Every class in OHC is recorded.  It’s available for you to do whenever or wherever you can. Plus pay for the course once and then it’s available to you for – a lifetime.  

What if I cannot join the live calls at the scheduled time?

All calls are recorded and will be available for you to listen to and download from the members site.

You will be able to submit questions, situations or challenges before the call so I can provide you with specific, 1:1 support even if you can’t attend live.

Do I have to be in Australia to join?

No, this program is primarily based online so anyone from around the world can join!

How much time to I need to commit to it?

1 hour a week.  In addition to this perhaps another hour or two to connect with your face book community and go through the resources provided.  It’s up to you and what you have time for.  Once you sign up the materials are available to you forever – you can refer to them at anytime, anywhere.  

Do I need to be a good cook?

No. I’m not a good cook.  My recipes are recipes that I like to cook and my family enjoys.  They are simple to make, using few ingredients that are loaded with delicious nutrients that our bodies must have for good health.  You really just need a kitchen (and motivation, which I’ll be giving you plenty of)!

What if I don’t have the ingredients?

No worries.  In our first class I provide a comprehensive shopping list along with loads of different suppliers you can contact for deliveries if need be.

My kids are already healthy.  Should I do it anyway?

Absolutely.  If you have any interest in providing your kids and family with the healthiest and happiest future, this is for you.   OHC is a holistic program, drawing on the latest research for parenting, nutrition, lifestyle and modern day problems. Our kids are in a health crisis!   The foundations of health that I share will help set you and your family up for LIFE – you will GAIN a deep knowledge of the choices you need to make and will be making them without even thinking twice.

OHC_images_As caring parents

You’ve still got questions drop me an email or give me a buzz 041139924.
I’d love to hear from you.

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